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‘Non-Parasites March’ In Minsk: Basta! (Video, Online) важная новость? photos 95

17:13 15.03.2017 — Politics

Over 5 000 people took part in the protest action in Minsk.

The people have started gathering near the “Kastrychnik” cinema. The applicants of the action have already arrived and expressed their hope that the action will be peaceful.

Thge applicants of the “Non-Parasites March” have announced that the action will be carried out in compliance with the scenario approved by the authorities: gathering at 17.30 near the Academy of Sciences, and then the participants will take a rally to the Bangalore Square.

The website Charter97.org has been blocked before the start of the action. However, we will carry out live text coverage of the event at the website, and in Facebook.

The video-records have been provided by Radio Liberty, “Belsat” TV, nn.by.


The action is over. The organizers and the participants of the March have urged the Belarusians to come out to the Square in Minsk on March 25. Thank you for staying with us!


The detained anarchists are in the Central district police department of Minsk, a passenger of the trolley-bus where the detention took place has reported. “I was walking out of the trolley-bus on my way to work, and saw bulky men dragging a young girl out, she fell, and they were beating and dragging her. I tried to catch hold of one of them, but he pushed me away and hit me”.


The people don’t want to disperse. “Sell your residences. You have 19 residences all over the country. Lukashenka, pay the debts first!” – an outraged youngster says.


Minsker Piotr Markelau filmed the detention of the anarchists and the police detained his as well.


Over 20 anarchists have been detained after the “Non-Parasites March” in Minsk, their allies have reported in the social networks.


The policemen are dragging the anarchists out of the trolley-bus, the people are shouting “Let them go!” and “Help!”


“Shunevich’s squirts have stopped the trolley-bus at “Belaya Vezha”, broken into it, caught the girl with drums, and started beating people.

The detention has been, to put it mildly, really brutal. It has been all shouts, screams and helter-skelter.

About 20 people have bene detained, including the random participants,” – the protesters have informed about the detention of the anarchists.


The anarchists with their drums took a trolley-bus and departed from the action in the eyes of the protesters.


Young girls: “We have never seen such large-scale actions”.


“All this makes us sick. Especially when they started arresting the participants of hte marches. The belarusians are educated, hard-working people, the authorities have led the country into the abyss and now they arrest activists and bloggers, whom they divested off their jobs. Those who are at power today are not professionals, they are not doing what they should do. What they do is some delirium,” – a participant of the March who has come from Brest says.


About 5 thousand people stay near McDonald’s.


The organizers are urging the people to come to the action on March 25.


The organizers of the action announced the end of the rally.


Dzianis Sadouski: “The main action will take place on March 25, so let’s get prepared to it. This will be a very important step, to successfully achieve really free and independent Belarus.”


A Minsker is holding a poster : “How Much Truth Is In the Eyes Of Governmental Prostitutes”.


The people are chanting “People Demand Respect!”


“I voted for this parasite back in 1994 and he deceived me, and while he is at power and the people come out to protest against him, I will be with them, protesting against this parasite,” – an elderly lady has said to the journalists.


The people keep coming, the column doesn’t end.


The people are chanting “We Are Real Force Together!”, “Basta!”, “Shame on You!”


The people are chanting “Long Live Belarus!”, “Down with Number Three Decree, Lukashenka, You Must Leave!”, “We Want To Work!” near the McDonald’s.


“Very soon, all people will come out to protest. Everything will happen very quickly and peacefully. It’s time to change the state power,” – a student, participant of the March, has said to the reporters.


The “Academy of Sciences” metro station has been re-opened for the passengers.


The protesters are gathering near the McDonald’s in Surhanau Street. The people are chanting “Lukashenka, Go Away!”


“We need changes. I am 23 and I have lived my whole life with this regime. This should end. The country needs changes,” – a young Minsker, who has come to the action together with her Mom, says.


A young girl is carrying a poster “Constitution’s a Parasite As It Doesn’t Work”.


The people are chanting “Lukashenka, Go Away!” and “Freedom for Detainees!”


“I am sick of Lukashenka. He only blabbers about. He has become dependent on the Russian oil some time ago and he has done nothing for the country,” – a middle-aged man says. “There are many young people at the action. The future belongs to them. I believe they will never be slaves.”

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The protesters are carrying the poster “Decree #3 Must Be Abolished Without Suspension”


“Stop Fearing, Start Resisting!” – the anarchists’ slogan has become popular at the rally in Minsk.


The people are chanting “Taxes for the Rich, Money for the People!”


“The soon-to-be changes in Belarus inspire me. Thousands of people come out to protest in the regions. There has never been anything like this,” – a young man says.


A youngster to the journalists: “There are no jobs, no normal wages, just Lukashenka driving around in new Maybachs.”


A young lady addresses to Lukashenka: “What will you do if all the people come out to the square?”


Lukashenka is agonizing, the participants of Minsk action say.


“I live in Babruisk and go to work to Russia. There are no jobs in Babruisk. I bring money to the country, and they take money from me in the form of this tax,” – a woman of about 35 says. She is walking in the avanguard of the column. “I am from the Vaukavysk district,” – a man of about 40 adds. – “It’s time to chase Lukashenka away, no one voted for him.

“It’s time to dismiss Lukashenka. There are more and more protesters each time. I personally rejoice that the Belarusians started demanding him to leave. I am convinced we will change the government soon, and there will be new leaders who will take our country to Europe,” – a young man has said.


One of the protesters is carrying a poster with a fig sign. “This is what Lukashenka and his officials will get from us instead of the “social parasites” tax. His friend adds “I am addressing to everyone, do not fear, we need to come out to the square on March 25 all together.”


“We will come out together with Statkevich on March 25”, - one of the protesters says.


Minskers have invented a new slogan "Wages to the people, spade to Lukashenka!"


The column is so long that differenmt chants are heard in different parts of it. One of the protesters is holding Lukashenka’s portrait, turned upside down.


According to the preliminary information, the number of participants of the action has reached 5 thousand people.


The column of several thousand people is moving in the direction of the Bangalore Square alongside the Surhanau Street.


The people are holding posters "How Much Does Belarus Pay for President?"


The protesters in Minsk are carrying a coffin with "Human Rights" written over it.


The speakers at the March say, it’s time to go to the end and achieve abolition of the “social parasites decree”. “The Parasite State Won’t Make Us All Slaves!” - the people are chanting.


Lukashenka has created an army of parasites, the speakers at the March say. “Officials are Thieves, Politicians are Liars, Digging Grave for the Country for Dollars!” - the people are chanting.


Several thousand people are chanting "Lukashenka, Go Away!" at the action in Minsk.


Several thousand people are taking part in the "Non-Parasites March" in Minsk.


Young participant of the action” “There is no future in this country with these authorities. There are no jobs in the regions, the people come to Minsk but the situation here is not better.”


Leader of the “Fair World” party Siarhei Kaliakin has said that the authorities won’t stop the wave of protests in Belarus by pressure and arrests.


The participants of the action demand to cancel the joint Belarusian-Russian military exercise “West-2017” and not to admit the Russian troops into Belarus.


Activist of the movement “For Freedom!” Yuras Meliashkevich is speaking. He is reading out the text of the resolution of the “Non-Parasites March” which says that the authorities have led the country into the dead end. The state power is out of control. The participants of the action demand to abolish the decree #3, to release all the arrested protesters, to take on a new economic course, to abolish the illegal decrees of Lukashenka which violate the people’s rights, and to hold free elections. In case the authorities don’t react, there will be new actions demanding to dismiss Lukashenka.


Dzianis Sadouski claims that Lukashenka is responsible for the adoption of the scandalous decree. The people are chanting “Down with Number Three Decree, Lukashenka, You Must Leave!”


The people are demanding to release all the previously detained participants of the protest actions and chanting “Freedom!”


The number of people is growing, over 1 000 participants have come to the March in Minsk.


Several hundred people have already arrived to the spot. The police are trying to force masked people out of there, other participants defend them.


The “Academy of Sciences” metro station has been closed to prevent the people from getting to the place of gathering. The people are walking.


One of the BCD leaders Dzianis Sadouski has stated that the plan of the action is as follows: first, a demonstration, then adoption of the resolution and a rally.


Social-Democrat Iryna Veshtard has stated that the people have a right to protest against the deterioration of the life conditions in the country. The politician has also urged that the participants of the action should demand to release the opposition activists, detained on the eve of the action across Belarus.

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