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Only Those Born Outside Belarus Became Ministers Of Internal Affairs Over Last 20 Years 25

10:46 12.06.2019 — Politics

Karayeu is the fifth head of the Interior Ministry, who is not a citizen of Belarus by birth.

On June 11th, Yury Karayeu, a native of North Ossetia, was appointed Interior Minister, nn.by reports.

"Couldn't they find a Belarusian?", "Are there no Belarusian candidates for this position?", "First from Ukraine, then from Russia. Couldn't a Belarusian be appointed to this position?" - this is what the three most popular comments under the news about the appointment of the new head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs sound like.

Karayeu came to serve on the territory of Belarus back in the Soviet time.

Then why do you ask questions?

The fact is that Karayeu is the fifth in a row head of the most powerful law enforcement agency, born outside Belarus.

It can be considered a coincidence, but since 1999, there hasn't been a single Minister of Internal Affairs, whose place of birth would be Belarus.

Yury Sivakou (1999-2000) comes from the Russian Sakhalin. He studied in the Far East. He got to work in Belarus and stayed there.

Uladzimir Naumau (2000-2009) spoke with a Belarusian accent, but was born in Smolensk region.

Anatol Kuliashou (2009-2012), although he grew up in the Chashniki district, was born in present-day Azerbaijan.

Ihar Shunevich (2012-2019) was born and educated in Luhansk region of Ukraine.

Finally, Yury Karayeu is a native of North Ossetia.

From the legal point of view, the place of birth is important only in one situation: to be president of the country, you have to be a citizen of Belarus by birth.

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