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"Hate For Lukashenka And His Officials Are Literally Spilled In The Air" 14

11:37 12.06.2019 — Politics

Any mistake made by the authorities may become a catalyst for irreversible changes.

On June 6, a meeting with the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress, Mikalai Statkevich and Yauhen Afnahel, took place in Hrodna. More than 60 people came to the Center of City Life. Hrodna residents not only asked questions to politicians, but also shared their observations and assessments, the BNC press service reports.

– I am a lawyer, I work in the neighboring district centers, providing legal assistance, – Aleh Kaliankou, a participant of the meeting, says. – I contact people and see that they have started to hate this power, not just criticizing it. They do not only express their dissatisfaction as it used to be.

They are outraged by the deception, poverty, lawlessness, fraud and inaction of local authorities. And, increasingly, of the authorities at the national level. It is impossible to achieve justice, and there is deception everywhere, it is useless to appeal anywhere.

This hatred towards Lukashenka and his officials is literally spilled in the air. It is in everything - in tone, in the manner of communication. "How much can one tolerate?", "When will the deception end?", "How much can one mock the pensioners", "It's impossible to achieve anything". A woman has called me today, she cried out of despair – save me, help me good people... They have deceived a woman and she cannot achieve justice...

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