10 April 2020, Fri 9:29

Belarusian Students: Our Strike Has Already Begun

14:23 23.03.2020 — Society

Even the BRSM active core does not go to classes - their lives are more important.

Students of the Minsk State Linguistic University wrote to the editorial board of the Basta telegram channel:

- The strike has already begun. Some groups have written collective applications for transferring to distance learning. Some of the lectures were cancelled yesterday and today due to low attendance. Only some people come to classes. Even the BRSM active core doesn't go to classes - their lives are more important.

The teachers mainly support us, we have been using messengers and emails for handing in works, consultations and tests for a long time. Now the most advanced teachers are using Google Classroom and Moodle, other distance learning systems. We are catching up with the whole world, which has been using them for a long time.

The main question is: will other universities support us on Monday or will they turn us into hotbeds of infection?

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