8 April 2020, Wed 9:44

Lukashenka About Coronavirus: Sites And Channels Want To Set Off Panic

15:02 23.03.2020 — Politics

The dictator has developed a concern about "fake news."

Today, at a meeting in the Palace of Independence, Lukashenka demanded to deal with the spreaders of fake news about deaths caused by the coronavirus, BelTA informs.

"Valeryj (KGB chairman Valeryj Vakulchyk - ed.), that's enough of watching it. It's necessary to plough through these sites, channels. A woman died in Vitsebsk - there is no coronavirus there, and after her death they took tests several times. They report to me on every case of similar deaths. No, they took it and presented it as if it had been caused by the coronavirus. What was it for? To create panic," - Lukashenka said.

The dictator stressed the need to deal with "scoundrels who throw in these fakes". "Why do they torment people? - he asked. - God saves us, that we still somehow pass through this difficult time, when there is a peak of acute respiratory diseases, and we keep everything under control. No, they want to turn things upward and blow something. Yeah, people have already developed immunity to this Internet stuff. But why do we pay no attention to people who do it on purpose?"

"I emphasize again, this is not about this coronavirus. It's all about our ethics and discipline. What difference does it make what a man died from? It's our laxity, our disgrace. One cannot die from viral diseases. We should just keep an eye on people. We have to activate the children so that they help the old people. The main thing now is to protect the old people," - the dictator stressed

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