8 April 2020, Wed 10:10

Lukashenka: 340 People Came Through Coronavirus On Their Feet важная новость?

8:45 24.03.2020 — Politics

These people don't appear in the new Ministry of Health figures.

On March 20, the STV channel reported on Lukashenka's words about the Belarusian, who came into contact with 340 people after his return from Italy. He has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

- Yes, there is one, I just told about an idiot, a villain - whatever you want to call him. Well, I see, you went abroad. Okay, you went to Germany, Italy, France. But you come and tell us - we'll check you, if necessary, make an appropriate conclusion. But he has about 200 people... He came into contact with them. And we - the Minister of Health, virologists, doctors, people and others - had to work for the KGB, police and others and look for these contacts together with them. 340 people! Thank God they turned out to be healthy. It does not mean that they were not infected. They just came through this virus on their feet," - he added.

Are the facts of infection and "coming through the coronavirus on the legs" reflected in the statistics of the Ministry of Health, which hasn't been updating the information about the pandemic development in Belarus for two days?

Today, the Ministry of Health of Belarus said that 81 cases of infection with coronavirus had been registered in the country. It turns out that someone is lying or not telling the truth.

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