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Belarusians Abroad: Stay Home! 3

15:32 24.03.2020 — Society

Will the Belarusian health care system withstand the blow of coronavirus?

Belarusians, living abroad, urged their fellow citizens to stay home because of coronavirus pandemics. The video was released on the page of the blog "Quarantine: A Belarusian In France," - Charter97.org reports.

In the video, Belarusians, living in the U.S., Spain, Sweden and France, told about the situation with the coronavirus and urged Belarusians to stay home if possible.

"There are almost no free beds left in French hospitals, as well as there s an acute shortage of artificial ventilation devices. There is a serious shortage of masks to protect medical personnel. Do you think the Belarusian health care system can withstand such a blow?" - a resident of France, Lidziya, says.

Belarusian authorities have not taken any measures in connection with the spread of coronavirus. Against this background, the Belarusian opposition leaders and public figures have addressed the citizens of Belarus.

The appeal notes that during the global outbreak of coronavirus, the Belarusian authorities have done everything possible to make the spread of this disease uncontrollable in Belarus, putting the lives of all citizens of our country in mortal danger.

Public and political figures of Belarus called for the introduction of the People's Quarantine in the period from March 23 to April 5. During this period, Belarusians are asked not to participate in public events, not to send children to nurseries, kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions, not to attend universities, to demand from the leadership of educational institutions to introduce distance learning and limit social contacts to a minimum.

In addition, as part of the People's Quarantine, people are urged to self-isolate and comply with sanitary regulations.

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