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Woman Treated From Respiratory Infection In Zhytkavichy Turns Out To Have Coronavirus, Pneumonia

16:20 24.03.2020 — Society

The patient has not been abroad.

In the Homel region, another case of the coronavirus infection was detected. The 58-year-old resident of Zhytkavichy fell ill. Before that, a woman was on sick leave for a week with a diagnosis of acute respiratory infection and took antibiotics, but she did not get any better, writes tut.by.

Relatives of the hospitalized say that a week ago the woman had a fever, and a dry cough. In the district clinic she was diagnosed with acute respiratory infection, and antibiotics were prescribed. She took medicines, but did not get better. Finally, on Saturday, the woman again came to the Zhytkavichy clinic to the therapist. After the consultation, she left the office and fainted. She was rushed to the intensive care unit, and diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. And the next day, on Sunday, March 23, it became known that the woman had COVID-19.

Yanina - the niece of the sick - has been in the 6th hospital in Minsk since Monday. Yesterday, when the girl was returning from Zhytkavichy to the capital to study, she found out that her aunt had the coronavirus. Now the girl is a first-level contact, because on Saturday she and her mother visited the patient in the hospital.

- I was still on the way, my mother called and said that my aunt has the coronavirus. Nobody was looking for me, when I myself arrived in Minsk, I called an ambulance. Now I am quarantined in a four-seater ward, there are two of us here. We have a mask regimen and frequent gargling, nothing more. They took a test, the result will be known in three days.

The rest who were in contact with the patient with coronavirus - her sister, children, colleagues and doctors - were also isolated, placed in the Homel infectious diseases hospital,, says Yanina.

- Aunt was treated with antibiotics for a week, which did not help. They didn’t even take an X-ray. On Saturday, she complained of severe weakness. After she fainted, when bilateral pneumonia was already diagnosed, they allowed her relatives into her ward. Later, when it became known that Aunt had a coronavirus, all contacts at one time were gathered in an emergency room. First-level contacts were seated into a bus and taken to Homel, and the aunt's children went to the Homel hospital in their own car, the girl says.

Yanina says that her aunt didn’t even leave Zhytkavichy, let alone the country.

Now, the girl says, the aunt is in the intensive care unit of the Homel TB hospital. Ther doctors assess her condition as consistently severe.

In Belarus on March 23, 81 cases of coronavirus were recorded. On Sunday, the second officially confirmed case was revealed in the Homel region - and it is not imported, unlike the first, when an ill athlete flew from Portugal.

In the Ministry of Health, information about the second detected case of COVID-19 in the Homel region was confirmed: “The patient had pneumonia, and all such patients are checked for the coronavirus. She does not need intensive care, nor does she need artificial lungs ventilation. The anti-epidemic measures in this region are taken.”

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