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Belarusian Teachers Calls For Quarantine In Educational Establishments

18:13 24.03.2020 — Society

He addressed an open letter to Minister Karpenka.

However, the Ministry of Education is afraid of panic. Father, teacher and member of the public advisory council at the Ministry Andrei Hryhoryeu, who addressed an open letter to Minister of Education Ihar Karpenka, is convinced of this. However, the ministry continues to insist that there is no reason to impose quarantine, Radio Svaboda reports.

According to Andrei Hryhoryeu, organizing distance learning in universities is easy. Distance education is now in full bloom all over the world. And he cited only one website as an example.

“There are many electronic platforms where they track also attendance. If a student is present at the lecture, the teacher sees this. It’s quite possible to trace everything.

In addition, the platforms are very easy to use and designed specifically so that teachers do not spend a lot of time studying them. I suppose there should not be any difficulties. You only need to want it,” says Andrei Hryhoryeu, member of the public advisory council at the Ministry of Education.

However, in the comments to his open letter, people express the view that the transfer to distance learning without general quarantine will not be effective. For example, Alena Mikhalenka writes: “With open cafes and clubs, the closure of universities is populism. And don't tell me about youth responsibility. You need to start with entertainment institutions.”

Andrei Hryhoryeu is convinced that it is necessary to talk with youth, to communicate - clearly and specifically. “If someone authoritative from the authorities turns to them (not to mention Lukashenka, but at least the Minister of Education) with the appeal: “I ask you, take measures, everything is serious, and not so as to “skip it”, “dump it” and hang out at bars and clubs. Let's show civic responsibility,” I don’t think that young people will not hear.

Of course, a certain percentage will violate the rules, but there are instruments of influence. The main thing is to build the system correctly,” says Andrei Hryhoryeu, member of the public advisory council at the Ministry of Education.

Why is everyone so opposed?

According to Andrei Hryhoryeu, the authorities are afraid to impose quarantine, transfer educational institutions to distance learning, as this will be an admission that the situation in the country with the coronavirus is very serious, and panic will begin.

“But quarantine is not a reason for panic. Let's show that we are serious about the threat. Even in countries where quarantine is not officially announced, schools and universities are closed. And it’s not scary. These are just preventative measures.

In addition, our youth is very advanced, they have open access to information. And if young people see that the whole civilized world is taking serious steps, they do not understand why this is not happening with us. Everyone is anxious, but is Belarus so special? Are we such an “oasis of tranquility”?

It is necessary to explain things to the people, to talk not only about the fact that “you need to wash your hands more often.” So, Angela Merkel made such a soulful human speech! Look at England: there is no quarantine, but schools have closed. People go to work - no one panics. And we are afraid of panic! ” notes Andrei Hryhoryeu.

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