8 April 2020, Wed 8:47

Leanid Zaika: It Is Necessary To Introduce Quarantine In Belarus

9:24 25.03.2020 — Society

The government can be sent the right about.

Head of the Strategy analytical center Leanid Zaika said in a comment to udf.by that in the current situation he is not as concerned about the state of the economy as about people's health.

"One should not think about GDP now, but about how to protect people. It is necessary to introduce quarantine, cancel public events and classes for schoolchildren and students. The government can be sent the right about," - Zaika said.

According to the expert, the Belarusian authorities will have to choose after the coronavirus pandemic.

"We are at a turning point. I think there are two possible options. First: as usual, we fell into the mud, shaken off and went further into a dead end. The second option: sit down and think, invite specialists and determine what we need to do in the economy - what to save, what to refuse, how to educate. It's too late to start the panic. It's time to make strategic decisions, think about the future of Belarus," - Zaika said.

However, in his view, the authorities are not ready for adequate decisions.

"A lot of people in power do not understand what is going on. Therefore, the whole society should consolidate and choose a decision about the future," - Zaika said.

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