8 April 2020, Wed 9:55

Franak Viachorka: People, Where Did You Fall From?

10:37 25.03.2020 — Society

There is no other way, and mankind has not invented anything better than quarantine and social distancing.

Franak Viachorka, vice president of the American Digital Communication Network, one of the managers of the Belarusian service of Radio Svaboda, commented on his Facebook page on the inaction of the Belarusian authorities in the coronavirus situation.

"People who believe in the rightness of Lukashenka's policy of ignoring the virus and criminal inaction, where did you fall from? We shouldn't repeat the mistakes of those governments, which also chose such tactics in the beginning and paid cruelly afterwards.

No, there is no other way, and mankind has not come up with anything better than quarantine and social distancing. Don't post fairies about Sweden, which decided to let "everyone have the disease". The Swedes have introduced quarantine measures and strictly adhere to them, just like all civilized (and uncivilized) countries.

The problem is not solved by concealing the truth and ignoring it, and the economy is not saved. They say that if quarantine measures are introduced, it will kill the economy. But the Belarusian economy depends primarily on petroleum products and transit, not on schools, cinemas and football matches. Do you really think that the Belarusian economy depends on factory workers, schoolchildren or subway drivers? In such situations, when the state does not want or cannot take care of its citizens, people can and should self-organize".

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