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Dr. Komarovsky Made Diagnosis To Belarusian Authorities In Connection With Coronavirus 13

12:25 25.03.2020 — Politics

The famous doctor has commented on the situation with the epidemic in our country.

Famous Ukrainian doctor Yevgeni Komarovsky answered the question about the actions of the Belarusian and Russian authorities, who do not introduce quarantine, in an interview with the head of the Gordon publication, Alesia Batsman: "Do they not know the consequences or do they not feel sorry for the people?"

In response, Yevgeni Komarovsky said that the epidemiological services in Belarus work the way they used to do in Ukraine 25 years ago: "The Belarusians and Russians have not said they're going to Europe".

"Another issue is that we would like to be convinced that the Belarusians show us the truth about what they are examining and testing. But, judging by their investigation of the first case, this is an example of epidemiological high, when each person has been identified and isolated," - the doctor added.

About the athletes who got sick

Belarus is the only country in the world, where the football championship continues. Meanwhile, the world is surprised by the cases of coronavirus among athletes - they are believed to be very healthy people.

Yevgeni Komarovsky said in his recent address that this is not true: antiviral immunity of athletes may be lower due to high physical activity. In addition, they share changing rooms, hotel rooms, canteens, which can be an additional risk factor.

- Once again, I emphasize what I have said many times: professional sport is bad. And physical training is very good.

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