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Coronavirus Situation In Belarus’ Neighboring Countries 11

16:02 25.03.2020 — Society

Let’s compare with the figures provided by the Ministry of Health.

The Belarusian Ministry of Health has updated official data on the number of infected with COVID-19 virus in our country. According to them, in Belarus 86 people are infected with the coronavirus, 29 of them have recovered. With regard to two patients, specialists are conducting an extra check.

The website Charter97.org checked the online map created by the scientists at Johns Hopkins University to see what the statistics of our neighbors look like.


Infected - 927

Died - 12

Recovered - 1


Infected - 658

Died - 1

Recovered - 29


Infected - 255

Died - 4

Recovered - 1


Infected - 227

Died - 0

Recovered - 1


Infected - 113

Died - 4

Recovered - 1

Moreover, unprecedented quarantine measures have been taken in Belarus’ neighboring countries to stop the coronavirus pandemic. In these countries, borders, educational and entertainment facilities are closed, and the movement of people is limited. The Ministry of Health of Belarus declares that “the country does not need quarantine.”

Based on these indicators, it can be said that the authorities clearly hide the real state of affairs in the country. Indeed, the numbers of infected and deceased in the neighboring countries that have taken tough measures to protect their citizens are higher than in Belarus.

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