8 April 2020, Wed 9:46

Police Apologized To Activist Mikalai Salianik 13

9:45 26.03.2020 — Society

The opposition activist called it an unprecedented case.

Public and political activist Mikalai Salianik said that it was the first time in his "opposition life" that police representatives had apologized to him, Hrodna Viasna reports.

On March 11, Mikalai Salianik was stopped on the Hrodna-Lida highway by the traffic police of Shchuchynski district. They were headed by police captain Yury Miazhva. They stopped Salianik quite groundlessly and kept for an hour in order to prevent the activist from getting to Lida for a social and political event.

On March 24, at the session of the commission that considered the case of Mikalai Salianik's alleged administrative violation it turned out that he hadn't violated anything. As a result, the police officers apologized to him.

Mikalai Salianik notes that it was an unprecedented case and emphasizes that such an apology was made to him for the first time in his socio-political activities.

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