8 April 2020, Wed 9:29

Entire Village Settled Out Near Asipovichy 11

11:35 26.03.2020 — Society

50 people were moved out.

The emergency incident occurred at the firing range near Asipovichy on March 25. According to the official report of the Defense Ministry, two soldiers were injured. They were hospitalized with burns of varying severity, Radio Svaboda reports.

As it became known to journalists, the incident at the range also caused the evacuation of the whole village of Paplavy. The fire in the transport-charging vehicle could cause the explosion of ammunition. The fact of evacuation was confirmed in the village council.

"Yes, the evacuation of the Paplavy residents took place yesterday, - the village council said. - They were accommodated in Asipovichy, in a hotel. There are about 50 people registered in the village, but not all of them live at their place of residence. That's why it's hard to tell how many people were evacuated. None of the local people were injured in the accident, that's the most important thing. Today, the people are supposed to go back to their homes".

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