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"Who's Going To Treat Us? Hockey Players?" важная новость?

16:10 23.03.2020, ANDREI VOYNICH — Society

The wait is over.

A classmate who works in one of Minsk clinics wrote:

"Today everyone saw only 75 rubles on the cards. We'll wait for the evening and see what happens next. Most likely, they've cut our salaries and divided them into two parts. First, the small part, and then the big one. So that the employees wouldn't be outraged with the total reduced amount. We were literally left high and dry, and this is despite the fact that now there is a real epidemic of the so-called ARVI and we have to work two times more. I just want to take and quit or not to go to work, to strike, and they start talking about it quietly".

So, fellow citizens, is the wait over? Lukashenka delays with the introduction of quarantine, trying to joke about the epidemic, at the same time putting the only people who can help in such situations in such a desperate state that they feel utterly discouraged.

Who's going to treat us? The KGB and the riot police? Or hockey players, perhaps?

By the way, I want to bring to everyone's attention the idea that there is a new threat in our country, which is more than real, that quarantine measures because of which have been taken in many countries around the world.

Belarus, thanks to the dictator's high-handedness, has successfully missed all the prevention opportunities, the authorities have been pretending that everything is fine for over a month.

So, friends, everything is pretty bad. If you think about it sensibly and compare all the known facts about this disease, it will become clear that our country, our people are actually on the edge of an abyss - there may not be enough qualified personnel, medicines in case of a sharp increase in the number of patients, as it happened in Italy, for example.

If we do not immediately introduce quarantine, it will be a natural disaster.

This pandemic is not somewhere in Europe, America or Asia, it is everywhere. It's here and now, it's taking place.

And if you do not take serious steps right now, then there will be a real apocalypse in Belarus.

What can we do if the authorities do not think about the people? We can introduce independent quarantine, stay at home, keep children out of school. If each of us shows civil responsibility, we will be able to cut losses.

Andrei Voynich, Facebook

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