8 April 2020, Wed 9:51

Doctor Ales Loban: All Leadership Of Health Ministry Keeps Watching Which Side Lukashenka's Moustache Will Move To

13:05 24.03.2020 — Politics

The doctor, who has worked 16 years in the Netherlands, is shocked by the weak prevention measures in Belarus.

Doctor Ales Loban from Hrodna, appealed to Belarusians in connection with the spread of coronavirus. He had been working in the Kingdom of the Netherlands for sixteen years. When he returned from this country, he was shocked by the weak measures of prevention in Belarus.

Therefore, the doctor was unable to keep silent and made an audio appeal, asking to take seriously the possible outbreak of diseases, which could no longer be controlled, Radio Racyja reports.

- After all, I am a doctor and took an oath, then it was called the oath of a doctor of the Soviet Union, or the Hippocratic Oath. These are high-sounding words, but you must do your duty. And I consider it my duty to express my opinion openly, because, as I see it, the entire leadership of the Ministry of Health is watching in which direction Lukashenka's moustache will move, not taking any real measures.

Ales Loban calls for solidarity actions of Belarusians in preventing the spread of coronavirus. We must keep a distance in mass places, wear masks, wash hands after contact with open things.

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